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Chris Crandle's 8.5.09 Tribute as featured on the Susan Murphy-Milano Show

Three years ago today, "someone" walked into Renee Pagel's bedroom and murdered her while she was recovering from donating a kidney to the father of one of her students.  She was just days away from her divorce being finalized.  There is only one suspect that remains--her estranged husband, Michael Pagel.

Renee was the mother of three young children:  Sarah & Joel (twins) who were 7 at the time, and Hannah who was only 3.  Renee was a daughter and a sister; a nurse and a teacher; and a friend and inspiration to so many.  In her 41 years, she gave more and accomplished more than most of us do in an entire lifetime.  She cheerfully gave of herself at a local homeless clinic.  She volunteered in migrant camps, and as a medical missionary in third world countries.  She worked as a nurse in a burn unit and in a psychiatric hospital.  She gave a part of herself--literally--by donating her kidney to the father of one of her students so that he could have life.

After Renee's death, a letter was found in her home that she had written several years earlier.  It was addressed to the pre-born baby of a lifelong friend (see Baby Beach letter)....and gave a glimpse of her beautiful heart.  In the letter, Renee spoke about the unconditional love and commitment of parents; and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus; the responsibility that we have as human beings to care for each other and for the less fortunate.  This letter also displayed how she loved to laugh, and how important it is to laugh at oneself.  And she was ALWAYS laughing!  She addressed the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, no matter what the circumstances.

This letter, in its entirety, can be accessed on Renee's website at http://www.whokilledrenee.com/ or through the Facebook group JUSTICE FOR RENEE PAGEL.

Renee is missed by so many....yet her memory and positive influence lives on.  The website gives countless examples of how she impacted so many lives.  We pray that we will see justice for Renee in this lifetime, and rest in the fact that God promises justice in His perfect timing.

So many people continue to pray for her children...that they would someday be able to know the truth about what happened to their mom, and have loving support when that happens.  We pray that they someday soon may be able to freely talk about their mom, and know how special she was, and be assured of how much she loved them.

Thank you to all who continue to pursue justice for Renee, and for the outpouring of encouragement and prayers on behalf of Renee's family, children and friends.  A special thank you to Susan for allowing me a platform to be a voice for Renee Pagel.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer...
Romans 12:12