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Diet Eman's Letter

Diet Eman featured on Fox 17's PAY IT FORWARD 2.8.11

Diet was a close, personal friend of Renee's. She was also a member of the Dutch Resistance during World War II, fighting against the evil of Adolph Hitler himself.  A portion of this letter was printed in the March 7, 2008 Public Pulse section of the Grand Rapids Press.

February 22, 2008

Referring to the Grand Rapids Press of 2-20-2008, thank you John Agar for your great article about Renee Pagel!  It inspired me to write this and let the world know what kind of person was taken away from many friends, whose lives she touched.

This was Renee:
Exactly one year after her murder in the night of August 5 to 6, 2006, a Sunday, over 100 of her friends came together at her grave.  Does that tell you something about her?
I met her in 1988, high in the Andes of Ecuador, where she (a nurse) and I (a nurse/translator) worked with doctors of the Christian Medical Society, among the poorest of the poor.  Here in Grand Rapids she worked at that time in a clinic on Commerce Street, where the homeless could step in for free medical attention. 

She was murdered one day after coming home from the hospital where she had given a kidney to the father of one of her students at Kent Skills--a total stranger.  She had probably taken a pain pill before going to bed, so for the murderer, very convenient--deep sleep.

Due to our work with these doctors, we have friends all over the world, and most of these friends are Christians.  I know that not hundreds, but thousands in many countries are praying to our God of Justice to have justice done for Renee.  I know that because in my church we have "open prayer".  We can request a prayer for special things, so every few weeks our whole church prays for this and people also pray in their homes.  For many years, I have supported "The Navigators", an International Organization; and also the Salvation Army.  Just recently I got "thank you" notes from both and they asked if I had a prayer request.  Of course...Renee, so now these large groups are praying.  There are "prayer chains"--you call a number, give them your request and this person phones 5 to 10 others, who in turn again each call another 5 or 10 people and many of her friends are doing this.

After John's article, I am wondering why law enforcement does not concentrate on bringing Renee's killer to justice instead of investigating her friends, who love and miss her???

In the article, Mike's lawyer, Mr. Stanley, says that his client is a "big man who can take it"..........Well, a person without a conscience can also "take it"!  If he is innocent, why, in more than one year and a half, does he not cooperate with the authorities??
Then he says Mike has a good alibi......He and his kids slept in his mother's house a few miles away!!!  What an alibi!!  If he had been driving 3 or 4 hours away, it may have worked, but a few miles??  He easily could slip out, do the crime, get rid of the bloody evidence (bloody clothes with a brick in one of the many lakes around) and slip back in.  If his mother noticed anything, would she testify against her son?  Was there any other witness that he did not leave?  Mike is very bright (a robot repair man and I am sure that he paid much attention to detail).  And, that he wore the same clothes in the evening and in the morning (probably for a few minutes his PJ's!).  What an alibi!!!  I would expect something better from a good lawyer....or, maybe he did not have anything better????

Then, cruelty to the children---I have seen one of these boards and they showed a smiling Renee and under it "Who Killed Renee?"  I was told that the kids were happy to see her face, and then he could have said--"Yes, mommy had so many friends who all want to find out who did this"; that would have made them happy.

Any murderer hopes that after the initial publicity, it dies down and will be forgotten.  In this case, "BAD LUCK"!!!  Renee had too many friends who will see to it that this does NOT become a second "O.J." case!!

And to the murderer:  Our God of Justice hears prayers and answers them at His time!

Diet Eman

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer...
Romans 12:12